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Magen Ingram

Foundation President, Sister of Michael K. Ingram II

Outside of the MI2 Forever Foundation, Magen is a mother of 3, the owner of MAM FIRST LLC and owns an online retail store She is also a certified life coach, tax preparer and Notary Public.


celia profile.png

Celia Ingram

Mother of Michael K. Ingram II

Celia is now a retired business professional who has traveled the world. She is also a seamstress and arts & crafts specialist. She often does specialty sewing projects and crafts for individuals and companies.


mike profile.png

Mike Ingram

Father of Michael K. Ingram II

Mike is a Sr. Engineer at DuPont with an Information Science degree from Strayer University In his spare time he does photography and assists with documentary filming. He also enjoys the outdoors as he likes to hike, bike ride and plays volleyball.


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