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The Mi2 Forever Foundation is committed to helping children get active and involved in organized sports. Being active and playing sports helps to create happy, healthy, and productive lifestyles for our youth. The Mi2 Forever Foundation is pleased to announce the Mi2 Forever $400 Sports Scholarship.


What is the $400 Sports Scholarship:

The Mi2 Forever Foundation will award up to $400 per qualifying athlete. The funds can be used for registration fees, sports gear (including but not limited to: sneakers, cleats, uniforms and equipment), and other sports/team related expenses.

Who qualifies:

While all are welcome to apply, we are focused on helping those who are truly in need of assistance. Lower income families and families who have lost wages due to the Covid-19 pandemic or other strenuous circumstances.

Sports Organization/Team must be in New Castle County, DE

Children ages 5-16

Only one award will be given per child per year

The scholarship is not limited to a particular sport, but the sport must offer either instructional play and/or competitive play.

How funds are awarded:

Funds will be awarded in various ways depending on the need. Registration fees will be paid directly to the organization in the form of check, ACH, EFT, Debit/Credit, Cashapp or Paypal. Sports gear and equipment funds will be given in the form of a gift card. Other sports related expenses will be determined based on the need. No cash will be given directly to scholarship recipient.  


How to apply:

Simply fill out the application on the Mi2 Forever Foundation website and we will be in touch with you if you qualify.  

The application is ongoing all year long to cover all sports seasons. You may apply once per year per child.





Please note:

Each application will be considered but not everyone who applies will be awarded funds. Each award is chosen on a case by case basis, not a first come first serve system.

If you are a coach, sports league, school staff, mentor or from another outside agency and would like to apply on behalf of an athlete, please do not fill out this application. Email Please include the subject:  Mi2 Forever $400 Sports Scholarship. Also include your contact information, your organization and your role, the child’s name, age, sport and the reason you are requesting the scholarship on behalf of this child.

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